Digital Strategy Advantages

There are many advantages to having a digital strategy as opposed to not having one period. Yet, still with all of the data pointing towards having a strategy being the correct path to go down, there are still a good number of companies that do not have one and have shown no inclination to getting a strategy. In fact in the article by it is said that:

“just over half of UK businesses have an active digital transformation strategy or are currently putting one in place.

The result, according to the research, is that 71 per cent of the over 200 surveyed will be ‘Digitally Transformed’ by2018, with over 80 per cent saying that the Cloud is playing a very important or even critical role in their online plans.

Crucially, it is becoming clear that small companies can often use their size to their advantage. Being nimble and agile in their offerings where bigger companies are locked into set product paths, with existing suppliers or agreed timelines.”

So in essence it is in everyone’s best interest to get digitally transformed and add a digital strategy to their companies, or risk falling behind other companies thus losing out on market share.  When creating a strategy somethings to remember are that you should be ambitious and make sure to play to your companies strengths. In other words, take risks and set lofty goals, but don’t try and jump into something you have no experience or strength in.

You can check out the rest of the article from by utilizing the link below. See if you agree with the writer as to why everyone should have a digital strategy.

Why Everyone Needs a Digital Strategy


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