Colors and Branding

What are the best Branding options for your product? That is a question you have to ask yourself when you have a good or service that you are offering up from your company.

Some people don’t pay too much attention to branding, but it is literally everything. Good branding is the bread and butter of marketing because it is the first impression of your business to a consumer or potential customer. It  is the first thing someone sees and the last thing they remember. When you Think of Mc’Donalds, you think of the giant Arches that are yellow and kind of look like bent french fries. When you think Pepsi, you think Blue, white, and Red. When you think of Apple you think of an actual Apple.

There are tons of examples of good and bad branding in the world. A good example could be team mascots. When you go to a game, sometimes in the NBA or NFL the mascot just does not make sense for the actual name of the team. That is what we call bad branding. But entities like a sports team can afford bad branding, because people will consume the product regardless. Small businesses need to have the best brand possible.

Enter the best colors for your brand. What does each color mean and say about you or your product? Well due to color psychology, it has been determined that colors are JUST as important as the other things. Just as important as website design, content, and social media.

For example, Red is an energetic, aggressive color, while blue is a color that promotes trustworthiness, and dependability. Green signifies wealth in most people’s minds and yellow is motivating and gives people feelings of positivity.

Below is an article link that has a huge infographic for you to check out and see what each color represents and what may be best for your business. Remember to take your brand just as serious as you take everything else that goes into your business.

Best Branding Colors


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