Getting qualified leads

Generating Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads:

“Having hundreds, or even thousands of social media follower, likes, retweets, comments, etc. is great — but are these users part of your target audience? Will these “likes” lead to conversions? You need to make sure you’re reaching the right people.”- Holly Strand

Holly Strand of Kirk Communications makes a great point with the above statement. It’s great to have a great social presence, have all the likes and retweets in the world, but if those users aren’t the target then all of those likes and retweets mean nothing. If the work you are putting in isn’t leading to conversions…well then it is pretty pointless and a waste of effort.

However, the likes, retweets, comments, and social media presence are a great start. You just need to be able to make those turn into what we call Qualified leads. In other words, people who are actually going to become customers. Just because I like a page on facebook, does not mean I have any intent on buying the product or service they are selling. And that is a concept many people in the business world have a hard time understanding. Another example is, you can walk in a shoe store but that does not mean you are walking out with a pair of shoes. You are “just browsing”.

To convert the likes, retweets, comments, and things of that nature into conversions, it will take Search engine optimization (SEO), SEO content writing, Social Media Optimization and also some solid paid advertisement.

One thing that many businesses lack on their webpages are contact pages. Without a contact page, how can one hope to contact a potential lead, or follow up on data. Getting the clicks, likes, tweets, etc. are not enough if you want to be successful. So below is an article written by Holly Strand, yes from the quote that started this blog, and she goes deep into what is necessary for generating qualified leads. She will not only reiterate the points I have mentioned but go into why they matter more than people think.

How to get Qualified Leads

Getting qualified leads

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