Organic Quality

We Can Make Your Site Attact Traffic Using Organic SEO

attractionEach page of your site that is indexed by Google and other search engines as well is scored based on how much reliable information about a topic it provides. Many things are considered in this determination, such as wether words relating to the topic appear in a normal writing style rather than being stuffed together in an unnatural way, whether headings are used to give a logical structure to the writing, and so on.

Organic quality is the basis of almost every activity relating to your on-line presence. Google even uses content quality to determine the costs and placements of your paid advertising. The better the quality, the better the prices and placements.

The best way to ensure organic quality and value is to design it into your site from the beginning.

Look and Feel Strategy

Art of Strategy can work with you to develop a custom look and feel that conveys the appeal of your brand and product(s).  We develop a custom template including layout, fonts, color schemes, and generalized navigation format to ensure that the site represents your organization in its best light. This design also provides a good user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Additional features like contact pages, call buttons, galleries and shopping carts help users engage with you.

Category Tag Development and Organization Strategy

Based on our analysis of your offerings, your buyers, and your competition, Art of Strategy determines the proper category tags used to organize information in the site. We also develop a hierarchy and organization so that your site makes sense to users and to search engines.

Plan Types and Locations of Navigation and Internal and External Links

Art of Strategy determines the menus and menu items that will appeal to users and give optimal SEO value. Placement of these items is critical.

Navigation Strategy Implementation

We will develop SEO optimized navigation for easy search engine indexing and easy navigation for users. We will ensure navigation is usable for mobil consumers as well.

Design and Development for Organic Quality