Foundational Art of Strategy Consulting starts with what a review of where your current presence in the interactive world. What does your website achieve in terms of hard results? Are you getting any return on your investment?

Analysis by gathering and using hard data provides pinpoint information which parts of your plan are working and which are not. Art of Strategy uses this information to form your plan for the future. Next we continue to run analytics and track movement as your business grows. Analysis allows us to change our tactics as the internet and the market change, and keeps getting the results we want.

Integration is critical. Pulling a random string rarely gets results in the interactive world.  Knowing that search engine results are impacted by social media, which social sites drive targeted traffic and that you have to have a global plan is how we get real results for our clients.
Our consulting services include Analysis of you and your competitors, planning a strategy to maximize your ROI, and integration of all the pieces that make up your marketing plan.

Consulting Services