Advertising that Learns

ppc-managementIf properly managed, pay per click allows many thousands of people to see your ad and become familiar with your brand, without you paying anything.  Unlike non-digital forms of advertising, properly constructed add campaigns will be offered to clients who are likely to be interested in your business.

Building ad campaigns and ad groups to appeal to your different buying personas allows us to target your advertising.  You only pay for the ad if a potential client “clicks” on the add and is taken to your website.

As Google or other advertising sellers get more information on your campaigns, you may qualify to start paying only for conversions. Conversions are defined by you as filling out a form on your site, or some other measurable activity.

Unlike print advertising, these ads are only served when people are searching for businesses or information that aligns with your business.

Retargeting Ads

In addition, Google allows you to set up ads that are served to clients that have already visited your site.  Research shows that many types of clients will visit a site up to 80 times before finally deciding to commit by performing an activity on your site.

Retargeting or re-marketing serves ads to clients who have already shown some interest, for a specified number of days after the visit.  These ads can contain special offers, or be otherwise slanted toward bringing people back to you.

Have you ever seen something you were interested in, and then not been able to get back to it on the internet?  Retargetting ads keep your brand top-of-mind and your website one click away.

Pay-Per-Click Management