betterhummingbirdMake your site more attractive to search engines. Let us improve your SERP position. As search engines constantly change and update their “quality” criteria, it may seem like an impossible task to compete for a space on the first page. Recent changes in the Google algorithm have left many SEO companies wondering just what hit them. Thousands of websites have been penalized by Google or simply fallen dramatically from the first few pages of search results.

Despite ever-changing  search engine algorithms, some things remain constant. To earn high quality scores and high placements in search engines, you must provide plenty of solid information about whatever you have to offer.  This means well written content with striking graphics and great organization and navigation. In addition, there are some best practices that help search engines find and index your content.  Only indexed content is returned on search.

Content Creation/Optimization

Content must be written to include the kinds of words and phrases that people will search with.  Not everyone searches using the same words, so the more you discuss a topic, the more chances that you will match. In addition, Art of Strategy can do research into what the most commonly searched words and phrases are in your business niche. Then we can produce content for you or help you edit content you produce.

Once you have content, it should be optimized for search engines in several areas:

  • Use of Header Tags
  • Proper Image Presentation (Alt Text, File Size, File Name, Captions)
  • Schema HTML Tags

Site Launch or Re-Launch

Search engines use automated routines to crawl all the content in your site using a trail created during launch. The proper sequence of activities involved with launching a site so that it will be found and indexed is something many SEO providers neglect. The Art of Strategy can provide a professional launch using tools that ensure your site will be found, scanned, and indexed properly. None of your content need be rejected or left out because of inaccurate mapping!

If you want better result in search engines, navigations optimization, content optimization, and a clean re-launch will help. Note that if your domain name has google penalties against it, they will have to be addressed and removed before anything you do will work.

Search Engines Love Freshness

A fairly recent addition to search engine scoring is the extra points sites get for adding fresh content on a regular basis.  Continuously adding fresh content helps your search ranking in two ways. First, Google and other engines search your site frequently when it is new. If you continue to add new content, the search engines will reindex your site much more frequently than if your site seems stagnant. Second, search engines are currently rewarding fresh content by boosting it’s search rating until it has been on your site a while.

Adding a blog to your site and updating it frequently will keep your site fresh, and will add content with new words and phrases for searchers to find. Art of Strategy can help you find and manage content to keep your site updated.

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