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Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Engage With Your Potential Clients

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social networking and user-generated content platforms to promote a product, service or content. To accomplish this brands  create and participate in a dialogue with the target audience. SMM can also include creating and promoting viral content that is meant to be shared by users. When approached properly, social networks can be extremely effective channels for building product evangelism, reputation management or corporate branding. However, SMM should never be a stand-alone strategy. It should always be an extension of a brand’s overall marketing strategy – a tool to further the brand’s reach among its target audience.

Enrich Your Brand

Using social media well involves revealing something of your corporate personality on line. It has been said that 80% on the internet is made of cute kittens.  This points to a basic concept that you must embrace to have successful social media.  On your social media site you have to offer items that will entertain your audience in addition to reposting blogs and articles from you sales sites, and special offers or contests.  Social media users and influencers are always looking for good general content that they can curate to their audiences.  If people are visiting your google+ page for example, because of a great visual kitten post, our experience has proved that  many of them will read your more serious posts while they are there. In addition pluses, likes, followers and so forth provide social validation for your brand and your web presence in general.  This validation is considered when determining your search rank.

Get the Right Mix

Art of Strategy (AOS) can develop social media strategies, customized for your brand, product, or offering. Our plans include all or any combination of the following:

  • Google Plus AOS will set up a customized Google+ page for your business and find posts that will be interesting to people in you niche.  For example a real estate companies site should have funny and general interest posting about architecture, interior decorating, etc., in addition to posts about your products or services.
  • Facebook AOS can help you create a strategy. Can create a custom Facebook page for your brand and use it to get customers to interact with you.
  • Video Channels  YouTube has become a search engine as well as a repository of video content. In fact, YouTube is considers by many as the second most utilized search engine. Videos create brand awareness, but also link directly back to your landing page. Clever videos are often shared and can even achieve viral distribution. AOS assists with the planning, creation, optimization, and placement on online video.
  • Twitter Many organizations are creating brand loyalty, and provoking interaction, using Twitter. AOS  helps you organization plan, long-term strategies for Twitter.
  • Social Reputation Monitoring Whether on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums or other social media platforms people are discussing your products/services on a daily basis. They may be asking for suggestions; reviewing your company, products and/or service; or simply searching for more information.  AOS monitors your brand by ,monitoring  social media and local review sites, think of it as a virtual focus group. This allows us to find out what is being said about your products and services. This information allows AOS to make creative recommendations assuring that the brand resonates with your consumer.
  • Social Responsiveness To get the most out of a social media strategy, organizations must do more that monitor social channels, your social presence must engage with whatever form of media is used in a conscious, rather then robotic way. Use of proper etiquette on various channels involves thanking and conversing with you followers. Responsive social media accounts are more likely to become influencers and be shared to a wider number of followers.

These activities act to support your brand and serve as another path for users to discover your main web site, where you can convert them into clients.

Social Media Strategies & Implementation