Who doesn’t love a bargain? Although a sale like buy one – get one and two-for-one are popular, the most famous “F” word is actually “free.” Organic traffic is one of the few free things left on the Internet. It is available to everyone, but you need to put in the work on the front end, middle, and back end. The Art of Strategy Consulting experts can fix your website to get the organic traffic you are looking for. Foundational SEO is the secret ingredient AOS adds to every website to get the results you want. But foundational SEO is more than keywords.

Smarter AI

Picturing a world where AI is getting smarter often brings thoughts of a robot-driven apocalypse. But before you don your Mad Max shoulder pads, remember a more intelligent AI can be a good thing. Gone are the days of gaming the search engines. Big Tech crawlers and indexers look for more than keywords. They look for fresh content that is also relevant to the search query. Almost anyone can build a website, but keeping up with fresh content takes away from running the business. This time crunch is especially acute for small businesses. Let the experts at AOS create or fix your website with foundational SEO modifications and maintain it with brand-relevant fresh content. This service lets you stick with what you do best, your business.

Foundational SEO is an art that goes beyond one-time keywords. Let Art of Strategy Consulting transform your website into an organic traffic machine.

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