Remember when a day wouldn’t pass without seeing a meme or reading a blog about motivation? Although “Rise and Grind,” “Lean In,” and some louder YouTube motivational celebrities have gone missing in action, you still have a to-do list – even if you haven’t written anything down for two months. New slogans like “Alone Together,” “Stay Strong,” and the classic “Stay Alive,” are more popular than ever, with good reason. Taking care of you, while you take care of your clients is a full-time job, with unpaid overtime. But take heart. The way out of chaos and confusion is something humans have been doing for thousands of years – identify the challenge, plan accordingly, and complete low-risk tests as soon as possible. Your ancestors did it with great success because you are here reading this blog. Now in the middle of very challenging times, you can too. Time to begin.

Taking Care of You, While You Take Care of Your Clients

How would the earliest humans have solved problems? Start with the challenge in its simplest form, say “cold bad, fire good.” Then make a straightforward plan – “make fire.” Then test as quickly as possible – “cooking fire good, forest fire bad.” Your turn. Taking care of you – “food, sleep, fun, money good.” Taking care of clients – “social media posts, blogs, SEO, fresh content, good.” Plan accordingly and iterate – “writing fresh content on a good night’s sleep, good. Changing websites with zero sleep and only energy drink calories, bad.” Although the business demands of the world haven’t changed, how the world does business in these challenging times, must. Believe it or not, good things can happen if you don’t “rise and grind” every day – days off matter. Let AoS show you the subtle art of pushing the right content to your audience at the right time. 

Taking care of you while taking care of your clients is a subtle art you must master. Let Art of Strategy Consulting show you the ropes on how to push content at the right time for the results you want.

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