There are so many simple ways to say thank you. A handshake or a hug was some of the best ways to say it all without saying a word. But for now, things are a little different. When saying thank you is more important than ever, you have to get extra creative to show you care – and people are very creative. Birthday parties upgraded to birthday parades, and doing a great job on the frontlines is recognized by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. AoS extends our thanks to essential staff and medical workers. Before now, everyone knew medical workers were crucial, but could still complain about hospital food. A job in fast food or the grocery store used to be a stepping stone or just a summer job. Not any more. What do medical workers and the lady stocking shelves overnight have in common? They’re busy keeping you alive.

AoS Extends Our Thanks to Essential Staff & Medical Workers

At some point, things will go back to normal, or everyone will learn what normal can be. But maybe some things shouldn’t go back to the way they were. Can everyone still be thankful for the essential staff and medical workers? Will parents still see teachers in a new light after having to do their job? Can friends and families take the time to call instead of text, or shut down the electronics and talk over meals. Although things are still tough for a lot of people, there is a new sense of pulling together that was missing. In the middle of all of this, people’s values are realigning. Will your brand be able to navigate this new marketplace as it unfolds every day? Does your brand need to change, or can it endure? Art of Strategy Consulting knows the answer and can guide you to the brand New World.

Now is your chance to be all in. Start by saying thank you, then get to the work that needs to be done. Let AoS be your guide to the New World.

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