Summertime is here, and all things being equal, it’s a time to get outdoors, gather with your friends, and let the good times roll. But things are not equal. An expected summer lull in the pandemic seems counterbalanced by people enjoying missed socializing from the lockdowns. As businesses across the countries strive for pre-pandemic levels, even the “new normal” media touted in spring has given way to an evolving cautiousness. But if you have ever lived in the frozen North, you know every year you must test the lake ice before skating or playing hockey. The same can be said for your business. Will a resurgence in Covid-19 cases shut you down? Should you switch wholly to remote working and virtual meetings? Art of Strategy Consulting has the plan to keep your brand messaging fresh and current, so here are three things your business needs this summer to keep you working.

Three Things Your Business Needs this Summer

Timeliness is one critical factor most brands miss. Like steering a large ship, if your brand message cannot be relevant in an ever-changing marketplace, you will hit the rocks. Now is not the time to be tone-deaf with social media postings. An excellent partner to timeliness is agility. Here, agility doesn’t mean changing your message, but knowing the market space your brand occupies to make responsive changes. Finally, be brave. Nobody knows if a virus resurgence is in the cards – but be brave enough to give your customers what they want. Be a business for all seasons, and the familiar brand customers look for in times of uncertainty. Brand safety is critical in these uncertain times, but business is unpredictable all of the time. Quarantines have forced companies to do what has never been done before. Keep your best innovations, and keep expanding your capabilities and grow your marketplace.

Art of Strategy Consulting can steer your brand through these uncertain times. Discover the difference boutique brand management can make in your company today.


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