There is little doubt that some small companies would trade the business equivalent of a kidney for Amazon’s brand recognition. But before you call the corporate surgeon, consider this. Is it time for a brand makeover? Brand management is an art that needs constant care to create brand trust. One small misstep could be costly. But if you haven’t been getting the conversions you hoped for and have kept your user experience positive, it may be time to refurbish. When it is time to take your brand management in a new direction, we can help. Let Art of Strategy Consulting chart your course for your corporate comeback. Start getting the qualified leads you need to let your business thrive.

Resurrection Road

Ever hear of Apple? Had their decline in the early ’90s continued, you wouldn’t have. What started in the 1980s as a breakthrough in personal computing, stiff competition, and a sea-change of how computers were used spelled certain doom for the iconic brand. Steve Jobs’s return in 1997 as CEO and a foundational shift into mobile devices and tablets led Apple to become the most recognized and profitable brand ever. They became so profitable that they found room to offer the Macintosh computer once again. Knowing the difference between a lull and the doldrums is key when deciding on a brand makeover. But don’t panic. We are here to help. 

Let us at Art of Strategy Consulting help you decide if it is time for a brand makeover. Let our brand management strategy bring you back from the brink and help you become profitable again.

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