Branding: Staying Fresh

May 1, 2020

Name a product that has not changed one ingredient in one hundred seventy-five years – that started as a failed experiment by two chemists, was buried in a cellar, forgotten about, remembered years later, and then tasted right out of the lost barrels. Nobody remembers the name of that bold taste tester. But everyone knows Lea & Perrins Worchester Sauce. This type of name recognition is everything brands want. The same way nobody reaches for a facial tissue but a Kleenex, you want your brand to stick in people’s minds all the time. Staying fresh is key to modern marketing and brand management. Just like any adventure, there are tried and true paths and those where angels fear to tread. Art of Strategy Consulting can create the right pathways forward for your brand in the new normal of a marketplace in constant flux. Having flexible brand management is critical right now.

Many Paths to the Top

The two most common but tricky branding paths out there are monolithic messaging and social justice branding. Monolithic messaging is saying the same thing about your brand over and over. Does it keep your brand message out there? Yes. Will people eventually ignore it? Also, yes. Is staying fresh possible while keeping your brand consistent? Yes, yet again. Tying a social justice cause to your brand can have unintended and long-lived consequences. P.T. Barnum was a master of generating controlled controversy, but businesses that back celebrities and politicians can court disaster. Restarting Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts over a comment is costly to repair. Ideally, your brand managers can steer social media conversations about your brand, even if the temperatures of those convos get a little heated. Many times when social justice branding backfires, the only thing that saves a company is professional brand management, like Art of Strategy Consulting. 

Getting your brand out there and staying fresh are just some of the things Art of Strategy Consulting does best. Get your brand under professional management and see the difference.


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