Print Promotions for Your Business

It can be challenging to believe that there is still a lot of tangible marketing happening in our digital world. Although door-to-door sales have diminished, print promotions like business cards, mailers, and even packaging still…
May 27, 2021

We Can Make a Difference in Your Traffic

There are plenty of online sources available offering free advice on how to improve your site traffic. But as the adage says, “You get what you pay for.” Correct and timely advice is our stock…
May 14, 2021

Do Your Customers Prefer Emails or Flyers

As internet-savvy as people have become, nothing replaces the look and feel of ink on paper for many. Do your customers prefer emails or flyers? It isn’t easy to imagine in 2021, but you may…
April 2, 2021

Curating Your Digital Presence

2020 saw the hours spent in front of a screen, including on social media, increase more than ever before. Pandemic lockdowns and the explosion of work-from-home created a hybrid social media user the world has…
March 26, 2021

Spring Clean Your Website with SEO

DIY website businesses have democratized access to websites better than the internet itself. In a few hours, anyone can piece together enough webpages and content to get their name into the worldwide web. Although this…
March 19, 2021

What’s Driving Your Brand?

What’s Driving Your Brand? Good brand management means more than staying out of trouble on social media. Whether you sell products or services, the real product is your reputation. Brand trust is the currency traded…
March 5, 2021

Content,Keywords, and Alt Text

What are you thinking about when putting the finishing touches on your new website? Take a few steps back and look beyond formatting and WordPress settings. A great website deserves to be seen. This means…
February 5, 2021

Brand with a Plan

Digging through the layers of the World Wide Web, you can trace its evolution. Mining under FB, you find MySpace, then Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, and ultimately IRCs – social media’s trilobites. Much like traffic laws…
January 29, 2021

Social Media is Changing

If you are keeping up with current events, you certainly have your hands full. Social media is changing, and by default, your digital presence takes on an entirely new paradigm. What does the future hold…
January 8, 2021

Print is Still Powerful

When you think about the businesses you find online, what comes to mind? You can probably picture a mixture of online-only companies like eCommerce sites, gaming, and informational sites. But what if your company works…
January 1, 2021