Interactive Marketing Strategy

Find Who’s Looking for You

Geofencing is a new way to target potential customers based on where they’re likely to be at a certain time. For example, do you have a business that sells gym clothes? Fencing a large local…
April 15, 2022

Manage Good Content

What do you remember about your last experience online? Whether you were searching for concert tickets or checking the weather, the business curated your online experience for content. At the minimum, your web experience isn’t…
March 28, 2022

Website Services So You Don’t Have To

Your website is your customer-facing persona, so don’t leave anything to chance. Instead, trust our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting to help you put your best face forward. Whether you need a brand new…
February 18, 2022

You Need Geofencing

Reminiscent of the alt-title for the classic film Dr. Strangelove, it’s our turn to stop worrying and embrace location tracking. Take a deep breath. Knowing someone’s location is not only for big government anymore. Now…
January 28, 2022

Things to Keep In Mind for Brand Management

Although brand management isn’t a dark art of marketing, it certainly has grey areas aplenty. However, our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting  can help your company get the consumer recognition it deserves through effective…
January 21, 2022

Geofencing in 2022

At its core, geofencing is a virtual perimeter around a defined location as small as 3 meters. But the true strength of geofencing is knowing a consumer’s location and targeting a specific consumer demographic inside…
January 13, 2022

Website Services – Meeting User’s Needs

If your analytics show something amiss, maybe it’s time to reassess if your website meets your user’s needs. How often should you reassess your website’s usability? As often as you need to. Our experts at…
January 7, 2022

Website Services at AoS

Finding timely help is critical when you are running a business. Website services at AoS are what your business needs to get ahead. However, with multiple turn-key DIY website services out there, it can be…
December 24, 2021

Digital Presence: Back to Basics

Digital presence management isn’t for big brands only. Anyone who relies on their reputation for their livelihood needs digital presence management. Essentially, creating and maintaining your digital presence can be daunting, but our experts at…
December 17, 2021

Brand Management Success

Finding brand management success isn’t strictly a Dark Art, but it can be very opaque. Three critical factors for managing your brand are knowing your audience, what your audience thinks of you, and consistent brand…
December 10, 2021