Whether you sell a product or a service, your image is your brand. Creating positive brand impressions is critical to growing your market share. But how? Here is the secret: you need more than a plan. You need feedback. Feedback loops have been critical to scientific research in the fields of human behavior for decades. Cause and effect, especially in marketing, is something approaching a dark art to some. But however you see it, there is an art to asking meaningful questions of your data and altering your brand management to elicit a positive response. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we can show you how to get to the impression you want your customers to have of you.

Positive Brand Impressions

The most critical factor in framing a feedback loop is how long you have to make your brand impression. Think beyond “first-impressions.” Even think beyond the thirty-second window, the average consumer pays attention to your marketing materials. Do you have a marketing plan that sets up campaigns and data analysis periods over the next 6-weeks or 6-months? How about a year? Setting up waypoints on a brand management plan is good as long as you are effectively using customer feedback. It is a small rudder that moves a large ship. Were customers unhappy with your last product or service modification? Or worse, did they not react at all? “Meh” is the black hole of customer feedback, but small bumps can average out – depending on your timeline.

Let us at Art of Strategy Consulting show you the intricate art of using a responsive plan for creating positive brand impressions for your product. Knowing when to change a branding strategy is critical for expanding your market share.

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