2020 saw the hours spent in front of a screen, including on social media, increase more than ever before. Pandemic lockdowns and the explosion of work-from-home created a hybrid social media user the world has never seen before. The fourth wall has been broken as more and more home life scenes popped into weekly team meetings. Curating your digital presence is still the best way to build your brand and claw back some personal digital space. Art of Strategy Consulting can show you how.

Social Media Mantras

Social media mantras like “viral is in the eye of the sharer” and “what you say will be held against you forever” are still true. But now, new rules are emerging. Because so many Zoom meetings are hosted from personal spaces, a curated wall of your interests is acceptable. Brands are cautiously experimenting with revealing their businesses are made of people. If you are uncertain if this model can work for you, Art of Strategy Consulting can give you the answer.

Digital Presence Planning

But even with the realization that people make up brands, this doesn’t mean it’s time to post your most personal pics on the gram. Digital presence planning is still rule number one. Remember posts that last forever? Every post should boost your brand and have consistent themes and tones. Brands make sales because they build trust first.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

The old saying of “any publicity is good publicity” doesn’t land the same way on social media. Errant, ill-advised, or tone-deaf posts do not help your business. Remember, never post angry, and always think about your brand before you share a post. There are many examples where what you say or what you share can have brand-ending outcomes.

Curating your digital presence is the first big step to building your brand. Art of Strategy Consulting can chart the path you need to build your brand through proper social media and digital presence management.


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