Customer Messaging

Daniel Meares
January 20, 2023

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to buying behavior. But the right customer messaging can shift your marketing effort into nudge territory. Everyone needs compelling content, a call to action, and a message that resonates with their customers. With a seemingly infinite universe of possibilities, the challenge is knowing where to focus.

Who’s Your Customer?

When small businesses start asking who their customer is, a flood of market research terms and buyer personas ensue. There’s no denying knowing why your customer buys from you is super valuable. But before you dive deep into market research and sales forecasts, make sure you are asking the right question. If you want to know what people will do, ask what they’re doing now.

What Are They Doing?

A good starting point for customer messaging is focusing on your existing customers. Are they bargain hunters? Do they favor personalized customer service? Spending time reassuring your existing customers that they made the right decision is never bad. Then, you can start building and layering your marketing content to appeal to a wider audience that is not far removed from your customer core.

What Do You Want Them to Do?

What do businesses want? More customers. When do they want them? Now. What behavior you want from customers can be influenced by your messaging. We like to train customers how to consume a company’s products through their natural engagement with online content. For example, if we were marketing a restaurant that liked their margin on bottled wine and desserts, their content would contain those elements with various degrees of emphasis. 

At Art of Strategy, we want to know your customers as well as you do. That’s what helps us perfect your customer messaging so you can maximize the effect of your marketing effort. After all, nobody has time to waste on non-productive content. You don’t need it, and your customers deserve better. If your marketing effort needs recalibration, we can help. We’re Art of Strategy.