Digital Presence: Back to Basics

December 17, 2021

Digital presence management isn’t for big brands only. Anyone who relies on their reputation for their livelihood needs digital presence management. Essentially, creating and maintaining your digital presence can be daunting, but our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting can help. Below are some free tips to get you thinking.

Your Website

Everyone thinks their website is the best website ever. But after the new baby smell has worn off, what do users really think about your little stinker? If your website delivers speed, information, and ease of use, congrats, you win. If not, fixing website issues like these only helps your enterprise.

Your Reputation

What do your customers think about you? Talking smack was the second feature added to the internet, but if your reputation online leaves something to be desired, then it’s time to repent and be changed. It’s easier to manage a good reputation than restore a broken one. Besides, there’s no IP address you can move to that your online rep won’t find.

How Active Are You?

Social media has expanded well beyond FB and the Gram. So get on all the ones you can find and start saying nice things about yourself. Better still, get your customers to say nice things about you by giving them a fantastic website experience and product satisfaction: the more good stuff you share, the more efficient your marketing dollars.

Getting back to basics around managing your digital presence is essential to expanding your business. But it can also be complicated. So get the help you need from our experts at AoS and post happily.

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