Once upon a time, in the early days of the Internet, a website was a right of passage. But long gone are the days of page after page of red italic text and black backgrounds. Midi files? Who’s that? As bandwidth has increased, so has the demand for great websites. But like a great restaurant, a fantastic website is about user experience. It is no longer enough to be pretty and efficient. You have to leave your user, your customer, with an experience they want to enjoy repeatedly. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we have the formula for fantastic websites. Leave your customers with the right user experience, and you will get to see them again.

Do You Have a Website?

Where to begin? Website generating and hosting companies are so ubiquitous that you can get both for about fifty bucks. Do you get a website of your design? Mostly. Will it generate the traffic you need to stay as busy as you want to? Probably not. Consider the scope of what you need your website to do. Even if you aren’t selling a product through your website, you are selling your brand and reputation. Building, development, updates, and foundational SEO are crucial ingredients to a successful website, and Art of Strategy Consulting can do them all. Sometimes you need to leave it to the experts – this would be that time.

Be proud of yourself when someone asks, “Do you have a website?” Realize your vision for your website with Art of Strategy Consulting, and start getting the traffic you deserve.

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