Do Your Customers Prefer Emails or Flyers

April 2, 2021

As internet-savvy as people have become, nothing replaces the look and feel of ink on paper for many. Do your customers prefer emails or flyers? It isn’t easy to imagine in 2021, but you may be surprised how many in your customer base would respond positively to print promotions. Luckily, the Art of Strategy Consulting experts are as competent with print promotions as digital. 

Branded Flyers

Certain industries like landscaping, renovations, and home services benefit from branded mailers as much as digital promotions. Handing out flyers and bulk mailing campaigns remain a promotional mainstay in these industries. The experts at AoS can create flyers or mailers properly designed with your logos. Branding is still key, whether digital or print.

Business Cards

You can also continue your promotional campaign by maintaining your branding on your business cards. Maintaining consistency between digital and print logos lets your customers know you pay attention to details. What better way to advertise than with a great-looking flyer or postcard – especially one with a coupon or promotion.

Branded Merchandise

If you believe a branded flyer can leave a lasting impression, imagine what impression branded merchandise can leave. Pens, caps, coffee mugs, or umbrellas with your brand is a salesperson that works around the clock. Some branded merchandise keeps selling, especially shared pieces like pens, pads, and umbrellas.

Do your customers prefer emails or flyers? You can also try both. Let AoS create the print promotions you need to get and keep potential customers’ attention to make 2021 a fantastic year!


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