Extra! Extra! Read All About It

September 3, 2021

Having a digital presence is no longer a luxury. The future is now. If you can’t find something with Google, it may never be found. Critics have long declared “print is dead” for newspapers and magazines. But that’s not true for sales materials. Nothing shouts “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” like a flashy brochure or business card. So how can this constant paper salesforce work for you? Let our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting show you.

Always Be Selling

Although many would have you believe fliers, brochures, and business cards end up in the nearest convenient trash can, the opposite is often true. Just check your desk, countertops, and dining room table. Printed promotions live up to the mantra “always be selling.” How many times have you had a need and went digging for the business card or brochure you remembered you had “somewhere?”

Style Counts

Of course, like all advertising, style counts. The sexier the ad, the more likely potential customers will remember. However, ugly business cards and brochures still get tossed, so make an effort in your design and make sure your message is concise and attractive. Art of Strategy Consulting has all the advice you need for sexy print promotions.

Seeing is Believing

Having solid print promotions supplements your digital presence, even if your business is mostly through word of mouth. No matter how humble, there’s no place like a homepage (do people still say homepage? – no, not really). But nomenclature aside, Art of Strategy Consulting are the experts you can trust to tie your print promotions and digital presence together into a coherent sales program.

Get the results you want from your sales dollars in print promotions with help from our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting. We like data, but we love results.

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