Foundational SEO, Good Content Matters

March 15, 2021

When thinking about foundational SEO, good content matters to your users and influences your SERP ranking. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we can modify your existing website or create a new site for you with the FSEO you need to show up in front of your potential customers. Get more than eyes on your page. Get the conversions you need to keep your business growing with Art of Strategy Consulting.

What’s Your Content Strategy?

In a perfect world, you would have plenty of time to sit down with potential customers and explain why your business is a perfect fit for their needs. But we don’t. No one does. So you need to get the most attention in the shortest amount of time without looking like click-bait or a virus-laden hack site. What’s your content strategy? Start with good content and the right keywords. 

Good Content

It’s easy to want to jump right into keywords, but good content deserves exploration. Take the time to design your FSEO strategy around good content. What is good content? Good content explains what your company offers in precise, concise, and interesting terms. Think about what that perfect-world conversation with your potential clients would be and build from there. You have a compelling story to tell, and people want to read it.

Using Keywords

Using keywords is not rocket surgery, but the time you spend researching them will pay off. Think about what you would type into your favorite search engine if you wanted to find a business that does what you do. Then think about what answers you’d want to find that would compel you to buy from your company. Searching for what you want, then thinking about what would make you buy is a basic FSEO, content, and keyword strategy.

In foundational SEO, good content matters. Let the experts at Art of Strategy Consulting guide you to the results you want in the shortest time possible. Get the first page SERPs you deserve with AoS.


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