Having a new website is a good start to getting your business noticed online. But there is more to being found in search engines like Google and Bing than just a pretty face. Although each search engine works a little differently, all online content is cataloged to be found by end-users. The better your website’s search engine optimization and content, the more likely it will be found. There is a little more to SEO than keywords, but do not doubt that FSEO is low hanging fruit. The right upfront work and worthwhile upkeep to deliver the results users are looking for can get your ranking up. Organic traffic is free and, when done correctly, can create long-term results for your website. Art of Strategy Consulting can help you get the qualified leads your website deserves.

Just a Bowl of Cherries

Add all the keywords, detailed alt image descriptions, and fresh content you think your customers would enjoy. Don’t be afraid of offering free advice if you’re a consultancy or even promotions for products. The key is getting your customers to linger on your site, and fantastic content is the best way. The longer users linger on your site, the better your ranking. Why does ranking matter? Ask yourself this – when was the last time you clicked on page two of Google Search results? When was the last time you looked past result number five? What search engines are measuring is user engagement. Although there are hundreds of measuring metrics, the shorthand is the longer the user engagement, the more satisfying your site was for answering the user query. Who wouldn’t stick around when they found what they were searching for?

FSEO is low hanging fruit if you know how to make it work for you. Let Art of Strategy Consulting help you improve your website with FSEO services to get the qualified leads you need.

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