Daniel Meares
January 27, 2023

Regardless of the size of your business, you have marketing and sales funnels. But, more importantly, maximizing efficiency is key if your sales staff is also doing your marketing, HR, bookkeeping, or wearing any other shared hats in small businesses. So how do you maximize efficiency? Make sure your digital marketing effort is working as hard as it can. 

Heavy Lift Marketing

If your sales staff spends most of their time answering questions about your products instead of closing sales, your marketing could be doing more. Your marketing is more than advertising. It’s your earliest opportunity to answer customer questions. Website ranking is built upon how well your content answers search engine queries. So why not go the extra mile and provide all the answers your potential customers want? FAQs, white papers, videos, podcasts – there are numerous ways you can educate. Creating opportunities for a prospect to make the next right move is always the goal.

Sales Funnel Cake

Regardless of your sales goals, an efficient sales process is a good thing. In addition, having your sales personnel spend their time offering the last nudge about why your company is the solution instead of discussing what could easily have been offered on your website or social channels is a very good thing. Best of all, our digital age has created a world of self-educators. So, if the answer to our question is out there, we find it, compare it, revisit it, and move down the marketing and sales funnels before making contact with a company.

Always Be Closing

If you have plenty of hats to wear in your small business, it’s nice to find extra help. So let your digital marketing do as much heavy lifting as possible. Use your content to educate potential customers about why your products are the best solution to their problems. Make your content easy to consume and make it helpful. Remember, the better your content answers queries, the easier it is to find.

We can help you speak directly to the customers you want to attract and train them to consume your products. So let’s make it easy for your customers to make the best next step moving towards the buying end of the sales funnel. We’re Art of Strategy.