Geofencing in 2022

January 13, 2022

At its core, geofencing is a virtual perimeter around a defined location as small as 3 meters. But the true strength of geofencing is knowing a consumer’s location and targeting a specific consumer demographic inside the geofenced space. So let our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting unlock the nearly limitless power of geofencing in your next marketing campaign.

How it Works

Consumers’ locations are tracked via Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data acquired through Wi-Fi access points or app permissions on mobile devices. As a result, geofencing creates many opportunities to target consumers based on their location and demographics. For example, where traditional advertising drives consumers towards brands, geofencing can steer a specific consumer to a particular product when they are in your store.

Why It’s Great for Marketing

Geofencing has the dream suite of premium marketing: hyper-targeting, timeliness, and relevance. Texts, emails, or ads/coupons in social media apps for the product you’re standing next to is as hyper-targeted, timely, and relevant as it gets. Better still, you can use geofencing for advertising your products when prospects are standing inside your competitor’s businesses. All is fair in love and war.

Making it Work for You

Our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting have extensive experience with geofencing campaigns. Geofencing is often the factor that separates a good campaign from an unbelievable campaign. In addition, the ROI on marketing spending delivers better than traditional campaigns. The key is layering a campaign across all online and mobile applications, with geofencing as the icing on the cake. We can show you how.

Get the results you need with our help and leverage the power of geofencing into your marketing campaign and get the results you need. Marketing has never been more advanced in the history of selling. Let our experts at AoS leverage the best online marketing techniques for your business. Contact us today!

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