Guidance Counselors

September 14, 2021

If you participate in social media, from FB posts about your vacation to IG posts about your pet, you have a brand. Suppose you also have a website touting your business. That counts as an online presence too. Did you know that they are inextricably linked, reputation-wise? “But one is personal and one is business?” Nope. If they’re both you, they’re connected. Our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting can help disentangle you with proper brand management.

Guidance Counselors

Everyone has tweets, posts, comments, and likes they regret. But, unfortunately, every post, either professional or personal, melds into your brand. Luckily, brand management is one of our areas of expertise. Think of us as your guidance counselors in the jungle of digital presence.


We can help you create a curated digital presence through proper brand management. You shouldn’t see curated as fake, only presenting your best to your audience and customers, which they deserve. Nobody wants to know what’s in Worcestershire sauce, only enjoy the fragrant tastiness.


There may be only one thing worse than personal posts contaminating your business’s digital presence, and that is UFO posts. These aliens are posts that are completely off-topic, or off-color, that sticks out like a splinter. Consistent posts are part of brand management. Best of all, our experts can create a plan and supervise your content so you can rest easy. 

Good brand management feels like compassionate care from guidance counselors. Expert advice is what we offer at Art of Strategy Consulting. We love results, and we can help.

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