How’s Your Digital Presence

July 27, 2021

The second half of 2020 saw some pretty dramatic changes. No, not that one, the one on social media. Just when people thought cancel culture, Twitter flubs, and general social media misbehavior would silence the internet, something interesting happened. Posters became more sophisticated about their digital presence. Have we seen the end of tone-deaf posts? Never. How’s your digital presence?

Social Media Footprint

Remember when we said whatever you say on the internet will be held against you forever? That hasn’t changed. Now is the perfect opportunity to examine your social media footprint and make sure your tone matches your message. If you can’t get the feel of your postings just right, we can help.

Brand Trust

Every post, Tweet, Gram, TikTok builds brand trust – or depletes it. So be sure you are on the winning side of the social media balance. Knowing what to say or what not to say on social media starts with understanding how your customers relate to your brand.

Changing Tastes

Did you get your first customers with a great product or supporting a cause that resonates? Changing tastes has been a business challenge since before the rumor mill was called social media. Keep abreast of your customer’s desires by understanding how they interact with your brand through social media channels. 

Your digital presence never sleeps, and one misstep can have long-lasting consequences. Find the advice you need to succeed with our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting. Contact us today!

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