Print Promotion

Engaging your customers with print media is just the beginning. With more teams working remotely, ‘Stuff We All Get’ or swag, is more important than ever. Promotional materials and team building swag go a long way towards building brand trust. Your customers and your employees need to buy into your brand every day – or you won’t keep either.

Art of Strategy Consulting can create the right Promotional materials for your brand. A print campaign to attract new customers, promotional mailers, branded awnings and tents, and Promotional pieces can combine with your digital strategy. Internal Promotions for employees to reward completing a project, supporting a cause, or donating time off can build morale. Let Art of Strategy Consulting create your campaign to get the results you want.



A popular Promotion among some businesses is a buy-one, give-one campaign. Here, an in-demand resource is given to a population in need based on sales. For example, for every pair of socks bought, a pair is given. For Print Promotions for customers or team-building exercises, Art of Strategy Consulting can construct your campaign to support a charity.

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