Leave a Lasting Impression

June 25, 2021

Leave a Lasting Impression

If your business gets most of its traffic via referrals, a website is a strong addition to your marketing plan. But just because you have a spiffy new website doesn’t mean you stop printing flyers or business cards. Let our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting show you how the right digital and print promotions plan can extend the life of your advertising dollars and deliver the results you want.

Lasting Impressions

Believe it or not, few people throw away business cards. Many end up in desk drawers, but more end up on kitchen tables, home office desks, or countertops. Every day your business card or flyer is leaving an impression on a potential customer. Contractors know that as soon as a need pops up, those print promotions laying around the house are picked up and used. Good print promotions create lasting impressions.


Maybe your business changes with the seasons. Construction and residential landscaping can be seasonal and often rely on word of mouth. When your crew is in a neighborhood, do you have anyone going door to door, leaving advertising? A beautiful flyer can demo your professionalism with a clean appearance and easy to understand text.

Business Cards

A strong business card works in every season. Think beyond your physical address, website, and contact info. Tell your customer how you can solve their problems. Pairing a strong problem-solving message with a call to action is a simple recipe for success.

When you want to squeeze every advantage from print promotions, contact our experts at AoS today. Spend your advertising dollars on promotions that work around the clock in your favor. Are you as busy as you want to be? See the difference AoS can make in your bottom lin

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