Nothing is as Beautiful as Print

Daniel Meares
June 14, 2022

Staring at screens all day can convince you that digital is king. But before you declare print dead, think about the last time you saw a painting in person versus online. Like art, print media is a medium you can’t ignore. Our Art of Strategy Consulting experts understands the role print marketing can play in your campaigns. We would love to make something beautiful for you.

Bold & Beautiful

When you think of print advertising, think beyond magazines (do they still print those?), fliers (nobody wants to hear your cover band), or business cards (do you want ME to throw this away for you?). Print means graphics, and graphics are born to be bold and memorable. So think beyond print on paper and reach for something bold and beautiful.

Touchy Feely

Which do you prefer, turning pages in a paperback or your Kindle? Both are lovely, but the Kindle lacks one thing paper gives you – weight. On the other hand, a heavy bond business card has a gravitas that your mobile contact list will never convey. Add your best business graphic, and you’ve got something.


Believe it or not, people don’t usually discard things out of hand. Suppose your handout comes with an introduction, like when you meet someone and exchange business cards. Those cards go somewhere. So understanding delivery is part of making the most of your print promotions. Flooding a parking lot with your cover band fliers under windshield wipers probably won’t get the response you’re looking for. But thoughtfully offering someone something beautiful, well, that’s special.

Print isn’t dead, but it could use some resuscitation. Trust our experts to guide you through your print promotions to get the most bang for your buck. Let’s make something beautiful together.

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