When was the last time you heard a midi file automatically play when you opened a website? What about the last time you saw line after line of italic text? How about an italic text in RED? Website design trends have come a long way, with the biggest changes tracking with advances in mobile phone technology (remember the mouse ball in the Blackberry phone? Remember the Blackberry phone at all?) Each of these advances presents a unique opportunity to take advantage of emerging trends. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we can put your website at the forefront of modern site design that offers an unforgettable user experience. Let us design a website that is easy to use, informative, and beautiful across user platforms.

Print is Back

Many design trends for 2020 are taking their cues from luxury print ads from the last decade. Imagine wide headers with beautiful but understated backgrounds. How well your website scrolls has taken priority because most people interact with the internet on their mobile devices. Point-and-Click is dead. Your new website should be intuitive to use on a touchscreen over that of a laptop or PC. The best part is, mobile optimization has created some stunning websites that make as much use of dead space as artful images and text. Some classic technical points remain true, such as quick loading speed, easy to understand, and easy navigation. 

When you are ready to create or revamp your website, let us at Art of Strategy Consulting deliver the results you are looking for. Here, we can create a stunning website with an unforgettable user experience.


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