When you think about the businesses you find online, what comes to mind? You can probably picture a mixture of online-only companies like eCommerce sites, gaming, and informational sites. But what if your company works mostly by word-of-mouth? What if most of your deals are face to face or on the telephone? Print is still powerful. If you are a contractor or home service/construction industry, the right print promotion can keep selling for you after facetime is over. Which is more effective – asking someone to check out your website or handing them a business card or flier with the right “About You” info? Art of Strategy Consulting can create a cohesive and exciting print campaign. Leave more than a fantastic impression on your clients. Fliers and business cards are only the beginning.

“A bird in the hand…”

Contractors, realtors, lawyers, and in-person salespeople can benefit endlessly from a print, website, and digital presence service from Art of Strategy Consulting. With more people improving their homes or looking for new ones, a print campaign of fliers and business cards keeps your name in potential customers’ minds. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. But a beautiful flier or business card can leave an impression longer than any telephone conversation. Paired with a fantastic website and social media presence can be the trifecta you need to keep business flowing. Art of Strategy Consulting can run your print and digital campaigns to cultivate your messaging and leave a lasting impression.

Print is still powerful. Work with the Art of Strategy Consulting experts and get the qualified leads your business needs to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

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