Print Isn’t Dead

November 5, 2021

Depending on your era, imagining print promotions might make you think of windshield flyers in store parking lots or even ask, “What’s a flyer?” But no matter when you’re from, print isn’t dead. Also, print promotions are a broader class of sales materials than you may think.


Free cool stuff is a quick way to gain name recognition. Of course, a fantastic tumbler, umbrella, or tote with your logo keeps selling for you once the pitch is over. But, there’s an art to swag that our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting understand. Always remember, if you don’t want the trinket you’re handing out, they probably won’t either.

Paper Too

But beyond swag, print promotions include business cards. Sexy business cards with your logo and the right weight paper carry a particular gravitas that still resonates. So go ahead and go the extra mile. VCF and PAB files are fine, but nothing communicates like an artistic business card.

Special Promotions

As fantastic as your swag and print promotions are, they do better when backed up by a serious web presence. Get every pillar of your advertisements in place with help from our team at AoS. Each branch of your advertising campaign should flow seamlessly into the other. We can help.

Print isn’t dead but lives with help from your website and digital presence. Let AoS help you interweave every pillar of your promotions together to get the results you deserve. Contact us today!

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