Print Promotions Are Back

February 14, 2022

There’s nothing like holding heavy stock paper, especially as a beautifully printed business card. Print promotions are back and offer more than ever. If you think, printed materials for your business went the way of the Rolodex, think again. Let our Art of Strategy Consulting experts show you how to make the most of your print promotions today!

Online Integration

Although there’s no shortage of advice on promoting your business online, there’s still space for print. Best of all, you can integrate print as a hands-on gateway that drives traffic to your website, just like your social media accounts. More cards now than ever feature a QR code instead of the classic headers. This new look offers a modern feel.

Consistent Branding

Print also allows using your digital images in your business cards. Do you have a logo to die for? Share the love on your website and your business cards or fliers. There’s no need to redesign your logo for print. One and done saves time and money.

Easy to Remember

Like most print materials, they keep selling after contact is finished. Likewise, print promotions keep selling after the handshake ends. From sitting on a dashboard to occupying kitchen counter space, your print promotions continue selling as long as customers keep looking.

If someone tells you print is dead, don’t believe them. Print promotions are back with a vengeance. Take advantage of this classic marketing tool with a modern take with help from our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting.

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