Print Promotions at Art of Strategy Consulting

July 30, 2021

Ask yourself this: what do you get more, business cards or digital contact info in your face-to-face interactions? Whether it’s tradition or technology difficulties, print promotions have a place in the modern business and sales space. If your digital promotions are going well, is there something you’re missing in print? Our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting can help.

Constant Messaging

Some messages need mulling over. Although any paperback about sales has plenty of pressure tactics, sometimes constant messaging is as simple as a brochure on a coffee table. Every pass is another look at your product and services, and seeing is believing.

Something to Remember

But print promotions as a class of sales messaging are more than fiber products. Hats, shirts, and promotional mugs can push your message in every outing or cup of coffee. After all, where was the last place you saw “World’s Best Boss” on a coffee mug?

Always Be Closing

Constant messaging, whether on a brochure, business card, or coffee mug is part of your salesforce where the rule is “always be closing.” Putting your print promotions in the right hands is part of it, but expertly crafted messaging is the most significant part.

Contact us today and let our Art of Strategy Consulting experts show you how to make the most of your digital and print promotions to get the results you want. See the difference good advice can make in your bottom line.

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