Print Promotions for Your Business

May 27, 2021

It can be challenging to believe that there is still a lot of tangible marketing happening in our digital world. Although door-to-door sales have diminished, print promotions like business cards, mailers, and even packaging still make an impression. With so many marketing options, it can be challenging to decide which to pursue. Let our Art of Strategy Consulting experts help you navigate the world of print promotions alongside your digital presence.

Brand Presence

Business cards and fliers are a good way to maintain your brand presence, especially if you have a word-of-mouth business. Not sure if you do? Typically home maintenance and repair, mechanics, and hands-on professionals rely on their reputation to find their next client. Print promotions like fliers and business cards go a long way in these industries. 

Hand to Hand Marketing

Although we’d discourage papering a parking lot with fliers under windshield wipers, colorful mailers targeted to a regional location can coincide with a geofencing campaign. Doubling up on your promotions, both paper and digital, extend your reach and leaves a lasting impression. We can show you how and when to make the right moves.

Lasting Impressions

How do you reach your target customer once their phone goes in their pocket or they close their laptops? A business card on the dining room table or a mailer on the kitchen counter keeps you on their mind longer than you would expect. Even if the results aren’t instant, when the need arises, they’ll fish for that paper before they scroll through their IG feeds.

Knowing what to do and when to do it is our expertise. Let our Art of Strategy Consulting experts create the right print promotions plan for you. Stop wasting your time. Contact us today!

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