Print Promotions

April 29, 2022

You know the old saying about a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. But if birds and bushes aren’t your things, remember that nothing compares to the look and feel of printed paper. Better still, logoed SWAG like mugs, shirts, tents, and umbrellas. Self-promotion is an art, especially with our Art of Strategy Consulting experts.


Compare the amount of junk email to junk mail you receive in a week. No matter the volume, it’s always easier to get rid of junk email than physical junk mail. So what makes a mailer junk mail? Bland graphics, non-compelling text, and a poor call to action do. Our experts can help your mailers stand apart from the mundane, so you never end up in the recycling bin.

Business Cards

Sharing contact information via mobile is popular, but the art of a prestigious business card is coming back. Combining impressive graphics with the right weight stock makes an impression. Our experts can design a card that puts you in the top pocket every time. So don’t get lost in a mobile phone contact list. Get an AoS-designed business card instead.


Free is my favorite F-word, and I’m not alone. As corny as some feel carrying SWAG bags around a conference, they never leave empty-handed. Make an impression wherever your business takes you with branded SWAG. Think about what people use frequently. Travel mugs, car cell phone holders, t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, the list is almost limitless. Let our experts show you how to create a SWAG campaign that makes you memorable.

Print promotions pair well with digital marketing campaigns, especially at Art of Strategy Consulting. So contact us today and see how we can bring your business to life with print and digital promotions!

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