If a beautiful website exists but doesn’t rank in the search results, does it exist at all? Google Analytics will say no, and they’d be correct. But despite the countless algorithms and pro-tips that exist for page ranking through organic SEO, there is one element missing – mining the meta description. Think of the meta description as a page’s elevator pitch. Although its bots that rank you, a searcher decides what to click. There is an art to meta descriptions and best practices to make your limited amount of text count. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we can upgrade your website with foundational SEO considerations to deliver long-term organic results. Meta descriptions are just the beginning.

Meta Elevator Pitch

Under each of the links in a Google search result is text that offers a snapshot of what you’ll find on the page before clicking. It is easy to find pages offering a keyword blizzard instead of a meta description. This keyword packing doesn’t help the searcher. The good news is, creating an artful, coherent, helpful, and concise description of your page is likely to get the clicks you want. The meta description is supposed to save time. You have done plenty of Google searches. Do you click on links with clear meta descriptions, or do you go for bot bait? The better the meta descriptions for each page, the more likely you are to get an audience. And don’t repeat the same meta description across every page of your website but take the time to be original. The bots and your searcher will reward you for it. 

Let our consultants at Art of Strategy Consulting create the right foundational SEO plan for your website. Whether you are launching a new site or could use an upgrade, Art of Strategy Consulting is the right call.


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