Some brands thrive on consistency. Others flounder and fail without constant changes in messaging. Do you know what your brand should be doing to recruit and retain customers? Understanding branding is part of our expertise at Art of Strategy Consulting. Whether your industry thrives on consistency or needs constant change, we can help. Anyone can change, but changing at the right time takes experience. Our brand management services help you send the right message at the right time.

Where to Now?

Consider your customers. How can you foster brand trust? Can you change your brand messaging without alienating your consumer base? In our modern era of companies voicing opinions on social matters, savvy consumers can smell the difference between social justice advocacy and trend selling. Does your brand have a history of consistent messaging? Without one, you could be risking it all.

Time for a Change

The past year has seen major moves in brand management. Longtime brand images have shifted in response to social issues. Consumers want to know the impact of what they consume. If your brand needs a reimagining, our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting can help.

Project Kansas

Although many don’t remember the cola wars of the ’80s, New Coke was the fastest adoption (April 23, 1985) and abandonment (July 11, 1985) of a new product up to that time. Although it began to regain a shrinking market share, secretive Project Kansas was attributed to everything from a renewal of Civil War tensions to a Communist plot. The moral of the story is that everyone can use good brand management advice. The secret is knowing when to ask for help.

Brand management is all about brand trust. Let our Art of Strategy Consulting experts help you get the most out of your brand management efforts. 

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