As the country starts to reopen slowly, what will work going forward is becoming clear. Short of waving a magic wand, some things will never be the same. At this point in the recovery, it is still a little hard to imagine blowing candles out on a birthday cake you share with guests. But if you are still drawing glares when you clear your throat in public, take heart. Some things are going to have to be new, but they will be unique to everyone. The key is knowing what works first, and if not first, then adapting fastest. Apple’s purchase of nextVR means someone is guessing a lot of what we did before will be a virtual reality soon. Will sporting events be better in VR? Although the hot dogs won’t taste the same, seeing a pitch from the batter’s point of view might be fantastic. Time will tell.

The New Networking

Like the recent push into virtual reality, the same happened with networking. The Rolodex was the first contact index to be digitized, and the race hasn’t stopped. Handing out cards were replaced with QR code scans at conventions. Networking luncheons became digital schmoozes with light cocktails. Where do we go from here? Who feels comfy going to an industry convention drawing thousands? The new networking offers the opportunity to connect with larger groups of people. To be seen, you will need to streamline your contact information, websites, and social media messaging. Art of Strategy Consulting can help focus your digital presence across all modern social media platforms. Show your new contacts precisely what they want to see in as little time as possible. They will appreciate you for it. The reason you find everything in the last place you look is that there is no reason to look any further. 

See how Art of Strategy Consulting can help you master the new networking to become precisely what your customers need.

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