Spring Cleaning Your Foundational SEO

April 16, 2021

Spring Cleaning Your Foundational SEO

Spring is a time of renewal in nature. It can also be the right landmark to start looking at your website. Spring cleaning your foundational SEO always a great idea to be sure you’re getting the best mileage from organic search results. Keeping up with search engine algorithms and SEO trends is a full-time job. But you can trust the experts at Art of Strategy Consulting to help you leverage your brand presence into results that pay.

Keywords Help

It doesn’t take much research into search engine optimization to learn your website needs keywords. Do keywords help? Absolutely. But not as much as using them inside relevant content. Planting a laundry list of hashtagged keywords all over your site not only looks amateurish but doesn’t look good to modern search engines. 

Content Helps More

You have to guess what your customers will type in the search box and create content that answers the questions they may ask. When someone asks, “Who has the best tacos in town?” Responding with “…the best tacos in town” on your website is a step in the right direction.

Remember Your Images

Search engines love images with relevant information almost as they love cat videos. Remember to use the alt tags and describe what is happening. Decorative images have their place. But having images with alt tags that help visually impaired users and bots understand the image is a win-win.

Spring cleaning your foundational SEO starts with a chat with the experts at Art of Strategy Consulting. Discover how leveraging your website resources can give you long-term results.

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