There is no doubt that technology has changed the way cultures do business, mostly for the better. Transactions can happen 24-hours a day on every corner of the civilized world. Since the first email sent in 1971, people have found better and faster ways to communicate. But at what cost? Although the new normal of social distancing has left conference rooms empty, there has been a Renaissance in face time. Since April 1st, Zoom and similar virtual meeting tools have quadrupled in use. Why the sudden increase? It seems there is more to communication than the written word. Although we can easily read the letters of the Founding Fathers, would their words have new meanings if we could see them smirk at the end of a paragraph? Humans spoke to each other for thousands of years before writing anything down. Was it a matter of capability or content? Who knows?

Art of Strategy Wants to See Your Smiling Face

It’s time to recognize how much business happens at the office, over coffee or lunch, or walking down the hall to toss around a few ideas with your boss. Companies may ultimately discover much of the video conferencing could have been handled through email, but also how much better business is when you communicate face to face, even virtually. Art of Strategy wants to see your smiling face – if you are having challenges with branding, marketing, or getting the right message out, schedule a virtual meeting. You may be surprised how much easier it is to face time than type an email. Now is the time to enrich your communications across the board. Asking customers to interact virtually doesn’t have to feel like you are pushing them away. With the right approach, that Art of Strategy can advise, virtual meetings can feel like an invitation for more personal client care.

Find the silver lining in working with clients virtually by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Accessibility is critical, and businesses that survive will be the ones who can capitalize on virtual client care.

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