Social media, at times, can seem like the Wild West. Social posts that may begin blissful and funny can quickly turn to contentious and cruel. With more businesses using social media as another digital marketing outlet, the hazards are real. Much of the current business climate demands a social media consciousness that many are ill-equipped to handle. How can you have a heart for society but ice it down for the nitty-gritty of capitalism? You need professionals. Art of Strategy Consulting can help you navigate these minefields as part of your brand management plan.

Where Things Go Wrong

Most brands hurt themselves with social media because they lack one thing – a clearly defined plan. As the saying goes, “plan the dive, and dive the plan.” Even CEOs and founders fall into this trap because most people have used social media to share whatever is on their minds. Regardless of their intention, the results can backfire to the point of destroying brand trust and cutting ties with prominent people. When you have a clearly defined plan for your social media posts, including who can post them, your social media life becomes exponentially easier. Your plan can be as simple as focusing on what you sell. Brand management at Art of Strategy starts with the plan to keep you on your client’s mind and find potential customers. Brand management is cheaper than brand rehabilitation, but we do both because even CEOs are only human.

Don’t let your last comment as a business owner be, “They said what?” Let us help you create your social media plan as part of your brand management strategy. 

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