What is Geofencing?

Daniel Meares
October 14, 2022

In a nutshell, geofencing is narrowing down your audience. It creates a virtual boundary around a specific area. Since mobile devices are now widely used, we can pinpoint any location. Our Art of Strategy Consulting experts can identify the right geofencing strategy for your digital marketing campaign.

How does Geofencing Work for Your Business?

Due to the number of mobile devices skyrocketing, geofencing is perfect for marketing. It’s hard to find an app that doesn’t use location data, so offering specials to customers based on their real-time activity is easier than ever. So, suppose your business is a coffee shop. In that case, your campaign might show up on potential customers’ social media around coffee-related activities, like shopping or being near a competitor.

Types of Alerts

Alerts you can send when a user enters a geofence include text messages, in-app notifications, and social media ads. Geofences can be set on any device and be static or mobile. In addition, it can be configured for anything from a certain place to a specific brand location.

Geofencing Statistics

Compatible with over 90% of smartphones, geofencing is very attractive since the average consumer uses their device approximately 5 hours a day. Furthermore, it has been determined that most consumers prefer a personalized ad which is exactly the goal of geofencing advertising. So trust our experts to craft the right content around your geofencing campaign to reach your potential customers.

We at AoS Consulting will help you take advantage of this amazing opportunity and will tailor your advertising to do just that. Find people where they are and deliver your message with clarity. We can help.