Why Your Client Acquisition Might Be Stuck (and How to Fix It)

Tina Winslow
November 10, 2023

Are you struggling to get new clients and wondering why your client acquisition might be stuck? You’re not alone. But don’t worry. We’ve got some tips to get things moving again. At Art of Strategy Consulting, we understand that good customer service is key. Did you know 93% of people will return to buy more if they love the service? That’s huge! So, let’s break down how to make your customer service great and get those new clients rolling in.

Check Your Customer Service

If customers like how you treat them, they’ll tell their friends and come back for more. Make sure your team is friendly, helpful, and quick to solve problems. Good service is like a magnet for new clients. Consider conducting regular training sessions for your team to enhance their customer service skills and ensure a consistent positive experience.

Update Your Approach

Sometimes, what worked before doesn’t work now. Look at how you’re trying to get clients. Is it outdated? Talk to your team about trying new methods, like social media or online ads. Change can be good! Consider conducting market research to identify current trends and preferences in your industry. Experiment with different marketing strategies to see what resonates with your target audience.

Make It Easy to Say Yes

People love easy choices. Make sure signing up or buying from you is simple. If it’s too complicated, people might give up. A smooth process keeps them happy and coming back. Simplify your website or application interface to streamline the user experience. Offer clear and concise instructions for making a purchase or signing up for your services. Provide multiple payment options to accommodate different preferences.

Listen to Feedback

Always listen to what your customers say, even if it’s tough. Their feedback helps you get better. When customers see you’re listening and making changes, they trust you more. That’s a big win for getting new clients. Create a feedback system that encourages customers to share their opinions and suggestions. Actively respond to feedback and communicate the improvements you’ve made based on their input.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

After someone buys from you, check in with them. A quick message to say thanks or asking if they’re happy with their purchase can make a big difference. It shows you care, and they’ll remember that. Implement an automated follow-up email system to reach out to customers after their purchase, and provide them with a direct point of contact for any inquiries or issues they may have. Offer special promotions or discounts to encourage repeat business. In short, getting new clients starts with how you treat them. With Art of Strategy Consulting by your side, we’ll help you make your customer service top-notch and understand why your client acquisition might be stuck. Better service means more happy customers, and that means more clients. Let’s get to work and unlock that client acquisition!