Working From Home- The New Norm

April 14, 2020

All things being equal, working from home is a perk few get to enjoy. But for now, things are far from fair. Working from home may mean opening your laptop after a day of homeschooling, looking after loved ones, or shopping for groceries like Robinson Crusoe. Believe it or not, there are a few secrets to making working from home work out even with the added roles of teacher, nurse, and scavenger. The first secret of success is knowing who to rely on during these challenging times. Art of Strategy Consulting lets you put your brand management work off your to-do list. Spend your time practicing your new roles and let Art of Strategy Consulting maintain your brand image even in the mad, mad, mad world we live in for now. AoS can give you a smooth transition through brand market shifts with your reputation and audience intact. Believe it!

Working From Home

This time last year, working from home meant all-day pajamas, snack breaks, and opening your laptop in exotic locations. Today, “teleworker” is a term still being defined. If you are new to working remotely, take heart. The two biggest secrets to success for working from home are creating your schedule and building your workspace. Make sure work happens at the same time every day and in a space only good for working. Schedule a daily appointment with your wingback chair and your laptop. Kickback, login, and focus. If you are having difficulty with distractions, move the chair, but don’t skip an appointment. What’s the best way to keep your working appointment? Don’t wait for inspiration to start working. Even creative fields in brand management like writing, graphic design, and social media require consistency to be fantastic. Daily practice creates inspiration all the time. Art of Strategy Consulting understands this formula.

Start making the most of working from home and let Art of Strategy Consulting keep your brand alive through sudden market shifts. Let AoS manage your brand as you try to teach algebra.




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