You Need Geofencing

January 28, 2022

Reminiscent of the alt-title for the classic film Dr. Strangelove, it’s our turn to stop worrying and embrace location tracking. Take a deep breath. Knowing someone’s location is not only for big government anymore. Now mom and pop shops can target their customers based on their location through their mobile devices through geofencing. No, they don’t want to see your browser history (everyone knows that, by the way); they want to show you deals and steals at their shop when you’re in the neighborhood. Or, when you’re in their competitions shop.

Targeting Your Audience

Geofencing lets you rank high in local searches. So targeting customers that are near your shop makes sense. Since nearly everyone has their smartphone on them all the time, you can have your ad pop up at the right time. Geofencing can make that happen. Of course, those who don’t have their phones on them constantly probably can’t see this blog either, so it’s okay.

Follow the Money

Geofencing also lets you follow the money. For example, say you’re a local handyman that doesn’t happen to live in a part of town experiencing record growth. Geofencing can put your name on people’s minds when they want to make a significant home improvement. In addition, when you have a highly mobile service, your physical address matters less when you can geofence your audience. 

Data, Data, Data

Ultimately it’s all about data. All sales receipts can tell you is what someone bought, but never why. So how will you find out why someone bought or, more importantly, why they didn’t? Geofencing triggers can elicit the hidden whys of consumer behavior based on their location data. 

If you want to reach a specific customer, you need geofencing. Let our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting show you how to master this new marketing Hydra so you can reap the financial rewards.

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