You Want To Beat Your Competitors?

April 27, 2020

Believe it or not, people settle into patterns all the time. Before social distancing, there was likely a usual set of shops and restaurants you would frequent. Remember Taco Tuesday? Disruptions to these patterns have caused the most stress, not just to you but to your service providers. Although it would be easy to take the fox’s view and decide the grapes out of your grasp were probably too sour, remember this; businesses aren’t products, but people – and people need your help. Making time to support your local businesses is much easier than you think. You can always start small, like remembering Taco Tuesday. But the most important thing is to remember who you are helping out. Small businesses aren’t supporting stock investor interests, they’re paying for a kid’s braces, or after school tutoring, or helping to buy food for a charity, or uniforms for a girl scout troop. 

Where AoS Can Help

Even in small retail shops, the bulk of the small business money loop is consumed to sustain the business – a business made of people. Art of Strategy Consulting is your best partner for maintaining visibility during social distancing. Being a business means more than looking for new customers. Now there is a unique opportunity to strengthen ties among companies for their mutual prosperity. Let Art of Strategy Consulting make sure your business is the one people remember when they need to buy. By keeping your brand fresh and present, you will be the one they think of if there is any barrier to purchase with their usual brand. Even when restrictions loosen, consumers will be timid. The desire for things hasn’t changed, but people have a lot of things on their minds right now. Make sure your brand is at the top with help from Art of Strategy Consulting.

Support your local businesses – let Taco Tuesday live again, and let Art of Strategy Consulting keep your business on people’s minds.

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